description >> >> Me and my uncanny band of friends form what is a small group of people called animators - folks with an unusual predilection for tiresome, painfully drawn frames of still pictures that when played back at 24 frames per second, assuage our love for the moving picture. Animation, film and photography drives my life, and I tend to see the world and my surroundings always as frame after frame of a myriad of mixed composition. Some pretty, others not, but all visions are distilled through those lenses. I am drawn inexplicably to images of anything and everything that is aesthetically pleasing or visually exciting, be it a beautiful curve of coral shell, the richly textured cracks of a dried parchment, a stressed and disconcerting composition in a photograph, or the dramatic swirls and turns of a dynamic camera movement that exemplifies the art of momentum.

specs >> >> name : vong yonghow | birthplace : Singapore | job : Currently working on Otomo Katsuhiro's Freedom Project / pursuing a 3 year film course in Tokyo, Japan | school : Victoria / Temasek Polytechnic / Toho Gakuen | birth : 1979 | take a look at my resume here |

likes >> >> | animation otomo katsuhiro mamoru oshii hayao miyazaki koji morimoto satoshi kon pixar aardman | film fincher zemeckis niccol hu jinho wong kar wai shunji iwai kurosawa tom tykwer bong joonho cuaron lubezki burton slawomir idziak conrad hall doyle don burgess mendes martin brest kaminski khondji ridley shinoda noboru kieslowski yamada yoji | docu animal planet discovery channel national geographic david attenborough | artists mucha rodin waterhouse caravaggio bernini michelangelo gaudi rembrant degas seurat delacroix | music pvd hybrid sasha wayoutwest chicane orbital bt yukie nishimura kenji kawai sens spitz mr children utada hikaru tetsuya komuro joe hisashi Ishiwaro tori amos enya loreena mckennit | reads sight & sound res discover skeptical enquirer cinefex comickers american cinematographer creative carl sagan stephen J gould desmond morris phaidon taschen res

dislikes >> >> sound of popcorn during movie | insufficent diskspace | long rendering times | ipod low batt | flat tire | taiwan soap dramas | wet socks |


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