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Freedom Project is a 7 part OVA animation series commissioned by Nissin Cup Noodles in celebration for their 35th anniversary, with character design by Otomo Katsuhiro and theme song by Utada Hikaru. The animation studio behind Freedom is Sunrise Emotion, where I worked as a lighting artist since November 2006.

Freedom is a full CG animation production done in a 2D cell shading style to emulate traditional Japanese animation. We use Lightwave for all aspects of production, from animation to modelling, lighting and rendering.

For every shot created several passes are required to generate the 2D look, and it can range from 3-4 for simple shots, to as many as 11-12 passes for complex shots.

My job includes lighting the diffuse ( the grey scale pass show on the image on the left ) pass, which contains all the information that will be eventually used to create the shadows that give cell animation its distinct look.

Many shots require tracking lights to follow the camera and movement of the subject so I had to very quickly get use to lighting very quickly for mulitple subjects over the course of my job. Even for shots in the same scene the lighting and mood can vary and change significantly at times so there really isn't a fixed lighting rig that we can set up, so we have work closely with the director and director of photography to achieve the look that they want.

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