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My first 3D project I ever undertook using 3D Studio Max. Amateurish, but fun nonetheless.
[ Vong Reproducts ]

A short tv graphics project that required us to create a short animation as an ident.

[The Shinjuku Dreams ]

My graduation project for Temasek Polytechnic's animation course.

Young Designers Award 2000 Recipent.
[ Robot Dreams ]

A hybrid video/animation project. All the ideas and visuals for this project came about one lazy afternoon while I was taking train home with Orbital's 'Halcyon On and On' playing off my ipod.

Selected as one of the top ten films of Toho Video Festival 2005 in Tokyo, Japan.
[ Freedom Project ]

A joint animation series by Sunrise and Nissin, with character design by Otomo Katsuhiro.

I am currently working as a lighting artist on this project.
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