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Set in Shinjuku, Japan, the story tells of three good friends whom, once close, is torn apart by the death of one of them in a motorbike accident. The memories of his death too painful, they grew distant over the years, but still remembering to visit their hometown during his death anniversary. One fateful autumn, the two friends meet for the first time again in many years...
The Shinjuku Dreams ( Shinjuku no yume in japanese ) is the title of this short animated workpiece meant for my final year project, and it is a combination of both 2D and 3D animation. This decision to do a fusion of the 2 forms of media was in part at least, attributed to the influence of Koji Morimoto's ( director of Memories ) animated MTV for Glay, which was superb.

During my trip to Siggraph 99, LA, Morimoto's "Tokitama Express", yet another surrealistic 2D/3D animation work stole the limelight at the Electronic Gallery. The skillful blending of the 2 very different forms of animation have created a dimensionally unique medium in its own sense. In Shinjuku Dreams, I had the opportunity to re-create such an artform again.

To me, Japan have always been this very exciting, interesting place. This is particularly true with the huge influx of Japanese culture that we can see and experience. Somehow, the suburban areas of Tokyo, with its busy train stations and crammed, vibrant backstreets and alleys seems like an interesting place to tell a story.

In deciding the story for the animation, I really wanted to do a short piece that told about the friendship of this band of 3 friends...purely platonic...and give it a melancholic and subtle feel to friendship. Trying to achieve an emotional response from the audience, especially from such a short piece, was considerable hard, but I was willing to give it a try.

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