What do robots dream about when they go to sleep at night ?

This rambling + the stirring tune of Orbital's Halcyon On an On on a mundane train trip back home was the primary impetus for the "Robot Dreams" animation project. Its a culmination of 2 previous uncompleted works, "Memento Mori" and "Do Robots Dream". A mixed media of CG animation and video, this project explores the arbitrary dream world of a robot individual, begging the question from the audience, do robots dream ?


Preparation for the project began in earnest during the summer holidays of 2005, where usable sequences from the previous 2 projects were reviewed and the selected ones re-rendered in 16:9 format and then effects and colour correction done in AfferEffects. Entirely new sequences like the digital readout countdown at the start of the film were also done concurrently as a rough cut of the film was edited in Adobe Premiere. Here suitable video elements, shot day to day and also others culled from trips to Gunma were pieced together to form the main body of the film, together with the rendered CG segments.

Robot Dreams
was chosen by a panel of judges including Japanese film director Isao Yukisada as one of the top 10 films at TVF ( Toho VIdeo Festival ) 2005, from out of a 100 participating films, and was also screened at the 2006 Singapore International Film Festival.

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