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[When the Wind Sings]
My first short film , an experimental piece shot during my free days in the army. Cinematography took centre stage here as I played around with composition, colour and light. A virtual one man project.
[Taro and Hanako]
One of the first few projects I was involved in whilst enrolled in Toho Film College. A teenage schoolgirl with suicidal thoughts recieves some divine intervention. I was the in charge of lighting and doubled as editor for the film.

[Robot Dreams]
A hybrid video/animation project. All the ideas and visuals for this project came about one lazy afternoon while I was taking train home with Orbital's 'Halcyon On and On' playing off my ipod. Selected as one of the top ten films of Toho Video Festival 2005.

[Umi no Namida]
Translating as 'Tears of the Sea', this was my final year project in Toho Film College, a short MTV piece where I undertook the duties for storyboard artist, cameraman and cinematographer, as well as the editor.

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