Umi no Namida >>
This is my graduation film for my 2 year film school, Toho Gakuen. As I've always been interested in cinematography I opted to be the camera man and director of photography for this short while I left the directory role to my friend. We did very detailed storyboarding for the entire shot as we wanted to control the look as closely as possible.

Principle photography was particularly tough as we wanted to capture the beautiful daybreak at the sea, so we had to camp over night while waiting for the sun to rise. Crowd control also became a big challenge as it was a weekend when we were shooting the beach scene. Once we started every second counted as the light was changing so fast - a mere 15 minutes difference meant a totally different feel in the lighting conditions.

I still feel the light in Japan feels really different from say, the light I was used to capturing when I was back in Singapore, there's a very gentle, soft touch to it which almost feels like a soft filter lens is been used when its just normal ambient light that we were using to illuminate the main subject.I really like the feel of the Panasonic 24 FPS camera and I think it really captures the actual lighting mood that was at the beach the morning we shot it.

I think we were also very lucky to have found a great lead for the role, Miss Nagao as she really bought presence to the role she was playing and carried herself beautifully.

This film was shot on Panasonic's 24 FPS progressive camera with an add on 16:9 conversion wide lens, and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro.