"When the wind sings" was an experimental short film I undertook when I was serving the final few months of my national service. It is is the culmination of all the things that I have wanted to do about film, but have never had the courage nor the time to do. Its about the films that I have seen, the references that I have drawn from them, the visuals and images that I have collected in my mind and the ideas that I have sketched in my dogeared papers.

This piece will also serve as portfolio for my intention to apply for a film scholarship to study cinematography, and I am also submitting it for the coming Singapore Short film festival. Getting a scholarsip is tough work, and so is getting into the short film finals, but at least, my love for film is here to stay.

[ When the Wind Sings ] started out as a much bigger projected with an entirely different storyline during its storyboard stage, but it soon dawned on me that with my incredibly limited resources, talent pool and time it would be impossible to pull off such a feat. So the idea went back, literally to the drawing board as I sketched out a simpler, more refined idea that was viable.

The initial story that first came to my mind when i decided on making a film was an epic in comparision to the chosen one, with secondary characters, numerous chase scenes and a much longer running time. As I got down to storyboarding I quickly realized that it was an impossible job. Chucking the idea completely, i opted for a much simpler story, pooling ideas and images from my sketchbook that coalesce into a solid idea.  
In the story, [ he ] does not not lead a happy life. In choosing the look of the film, I opted for largely desaturated colours or even at times b&w to reflect such a monotonous and stolid life. The only scenes with brighter colours are those of his tortoise, for in his opinion they live an even better and colourful life than he does. I also choose to use very little closeups, opting instead far, distant shots and very isolated framing to complement the protanganist mood, that of loneliness and poignancy.

Technical specs
Shot on digital video (DV) with Sony VX2000.
Editing and post done on Adobe Premiere with Canopus DV